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ۼ : 17-01-31 00:14
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           1.5m LCD TV ġ

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Noble Residence with only three kinds of different wonrumtel and other

benefits First: is a luxurious modern facilities            

Appearance of the building to suit your mood Apgujeong    When coming lovable nagasil advanced copper    Copper does not   It is the latest in a place other than the old  1.5m wide corridors and LCD TV cum monitor             Who were installing a stylish design  Ditch it    

Second: quiet         

Close to 2 times thicker than the existing wonrumtel    Because of luck in the next room the TV sound wall construction       I can not even hear the sound of music   Laundry room is outside of the kitchen   Sound back to the kitchen with a washing machine and is independent, there is no noise   

Third: safe   

 Install the outside door lock to each floor and cut off 

 Installing sprinklers and alarm systems are the latest

 Be established In addition, if the ladies are real and not dark and drab preoccupied length

The dawn of a bright home is located not afraid when you ^ ^